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How to make the most of consumer product reviews online

The way consumers have been making their purchase decisions is affected by a factor that can’t be denied so easily. In comparison to relying on expert views shared by editorial critics, your customers are more inclined to read through the reviews shared by other fellow customers across online review websites. Of all reviews shared across online platforms, some 23 percent are editorial reviews and the rest are from consumers. The term ‘product review’ has undergone changes in terms of its definition ever since the launch of review websites; customer reviews are now being strapped, deployed and managed as the cash register depicts their influence very strongly.

The value of your brand is bound to get diminished if you continue to ignore the various consumer product reviews online. Under various circumstances, marketers have experienced some common questions that form the basis of their consumer research programs and development of marketing strategies. Let’s consider a few of these questions:


  • Are all consumer product reviews fake? There are some reviews that are indeed considered fake by reviewers. Some eighty percent of the buyers are truly doubtful about the genuineness of consumer product reviews online. They would also agree with the development of a reliable pattern that balances all doubts while reading through more of such reviews. It is suggested that you go through a minimum of eleven customer reviews before you form an opinion on your chosen product or service.
  • How do we treat the consumer reviews that seem utterly negative? Consumer reviews have some influence on the minds of shoppers, but this also has some limitations. It is often said that some 30 percent of consumer product reviews ought to be negative in order to question the product quality.
  • Is it possible for us to influence user reviews worth thousands? That’s certainly an uphill task, but that’s not something you should look forward to. Consider both the negative and positive reviews to be an opportunity to exchange ideas with prospects over the internet. Building an online community for your organization is also important; reviewers need to be managed properly, and it’s the owner who needs to provide such management resources.

All consumer product reviews online require you to consider two engagement pointers for ensuring a better customer relationship.

1. Your customers need to be convinced about sharing fresh product reviews following the launch of new products. You’ll need to make sure that the customer service issues are resolved with the help of your dedicated resources.

2. Online product reviews shared by consumers following a launch of fresh products are not influenced directly by marketers. At the same time, it is important for the marketers to make a note of potential reviews that seem more influential than the others; this in turn gives them an opportunity to share these posts across various social media websites besides their individual product websites.

More reviews can be achieved by businesses by following ten different ways. These steps help them enhance their power through the busiest of holiday shopping instances.

1. Both the new and old customers should be encouraged to get their purchases reviewed.

2. A review site link has to be shown to customers regarding the communications post purchase.

3. Relevant and popular review site listings have to be set up.

4. Review functionality has to be incorporated in websites.

5. Reviews of customers involving marketing communications have to be referred.

6. Negative reviews shouldn’t be discouraged; consumer product reviews online seem the most trusted options when you come across feed-backs both bad and good.

7. Video reviews should be encouraged whenever it’s possible for you to link your YouTube channel with them.

8. Blog posts and social comments can be chosen and featured on your website.

9. Customers are driven towards product review sources when the advertisements and products use QR codes.

10. Digital and conventional media can be used in review pages to attract customers.

Dominate search engines with your review presence

Developing your presence around social media and consumer review websites is amongst the basics of establishing your business; you must consider these steps prior to fetching reviews through your creative ways. Search results obtained through social surveys that are conducted (globally) involving updates from social media, blogs and review sites will often reflect content shared by users. Apart from that, a majority of online marketing reports describe how the younger users consider social network comments while taking their purchase decisions. It is a much better idea to encourage consumer product reviews online and manage them when the consumers are exchanging information concerning your brand across social media and review websites.

You must strengthen your grip around the presence of your brand across product review sites like Reddit, Digg, Insider Pages, Google Places and Yelp. Generate some real estate presence for the social media accounts based on reviews shared by consumers. This is perhaps the best time when you may seek fresh reviews from your customers.

It’s more like closing a sale or obtaining a link that is inbound. Organically it is possible to acquire some, but the sites must obtain consumer product reviews regarding your business if you’re looking for perpetual success. That’s one reason why you ought to manage consumer product reviews online – the right people should be assigned with these tasks. It is meaningless for any irrelevant website to link back to your commercial site. In case a person doesn’t need or want¬† your service or product, he won’t buy it in the end.

These review websites should reflect comments posted by the happy customers that used your product in the past; the presence of these customers is bound to outweigh the negative comments that surface once in a while. Under circumstances when the customer service reps spot a certain exuberant customer or a happy customer is interviewed, you must forward your request for an online review.


Develop a dedicated review space on the website

Your website attracts customers and prospective buyers under all circumstances; online reviews are generated with the help of external sites. It will really help your customers when they find a dedicated place to share their views about products that they used in the past. Such a place will even provide the prospective buyers with an opportunity to view their experiences and gain more knowledge on a wide range of products. It is often considered a key to the success of your business if you may provide your visitors with information pertaining to your services and products.

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